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If you are partially sighted you can listen to an audio recording of
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You can become a Strathearn Talking News listener if you are blind or partially sighted. We send memory sticks which contain the news from the Strathearn Herald newspaper to anyone with a Strathearn connection and who would like to be kept up to date with all the local news. Several years ago when we were still Strathearn Newstape we sent a cassette to a former Crieff resident who was living in France with her family.

One of the Strathearn Talking News team will visit you at home with a memory stick player and a memory stick containing that week’s news. They will explain how to use it. It is very easy!

You would receive weekly audio news on a memory stick suitable for a computer or for playing on the memory stick player which Strathearn Talking News provides. This service and equipment is entirely free of charge including postage as Royal Mail send articles free as first class mail.

The memory sticks are sent out in a yellow plastic wallet addressed to you. You pull apart the Velcro seal at one end of the wallet to remove the memory stick. There is a small tactile pad on the front side of the stick to help you correctly plug the memory stick into the ‘port’ on the top surface of the memory stick player.

When you have finished listening to the news, you put the stick into the wallet, turn over the address label to reveal the address of Crieff Post Office and it is ready to go into a post box to be mailed back to us. (Please do not post it at a Post Office counter)

There is more detailed information about the memory sticks on the How It Works page.

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