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How it Works

If you are partially sighted you can listen to an audio recording of
this webpage by clicking on the buttons below.



Strathearn Talking News provide a free weekly memory stick, for people who are blind or partially sighted, with local news from the small towns in the rural area of Strathearn.

Every listener is provided with a memory stick player which is a small lightweight box. At the front, there is a large yellow on/off dial which is also the volume control. Beneath the dial, there is a small socket for headphones.

To listen to the news, the memory stick is inserted into the ‘port’ on the top surface of the box. The listener can control ‘forward/back’ and ‘pause’ by lightly pressing the round, flat, yellow buttons beside the port on the top surface of the box. The box can be operated by battery or it can be plugged into the mains. Running off the mains, also charges the battery. The player comes with a rechargeable battery already in place.

The memory stick with the news from that week’s Strathearn Herald, is sent to our listeners in a yellow padded wallet which has a Velcro fastening. Delivered free by Royal Mail, the wallets usually arrive in listeners’ homes on the Saturday morning, two days after the Strathearn Herald has come out.

The readers and copiers are justifiably proud of this speedy turnaround and the fact that this happens fifty two weeks of the year. The memory sticks are quite small but they have a ‘swivel’ action to open them out which lengthens them. They are engraved with the name Strathearn Talking News.

The wallet has a transparent window on the front containing a card with the listener’s address. Once the listener has finished with the memory stick, it can be placed inside the wallet. The card can be turned over to reveal the address of Crieff Post Office. The wallet is then ready to put into any post box to be returned post free. (Please do not post it at a Post Office counter)




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